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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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  • Trans Fat Free

  • Preservative Free

Cookie Dough Brochures

America's Favorite Treats Fundraiser
Cookie Dough, Popcorn & More!

$10 Dollar Dough

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

2 LB Tub Makes 30 Cookies

Sells for: $10 Each

Raise Some Dough! 


Cookie dough fundraisers are very popular! Everyone loves cookies! they are so fun and easy to sell.


They are all delicious, high quality, healthy, convenient and reasonably priced for quick sales. Our cookie dough fundraiser is trans fat free, no preservatives and certified kosher. Plus there is a gluten free option that can be added.


The very best part is that they are made in the U.S.A. by a Christian company. 


Please see the brochures below. Ready to get started? Please click Get started in the upper right hand side of our website. 



Church, Schools & Ministries


Yummy and easy to sell!

Fundraiser Information

Order Size    Profit %

  3000 +         50%

  996 - 2,994   45%

  510 - 990      38%

  252 - 504      30%

  150 - 251      25%


Minimum Order = 150 Items (25 Cases)
Full Cases Only (of each variety & type)

Neighbors Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser comes in 2 lb. plastic tubs

HOW IT WORKS: We provide free brochures for your group to take orders. Sellers collect the money when they take orders. When your sale is complete you tally all your order forms and place one large order with Faith Fundraising. You keep your profits so you can use your much needed money right away. The rest is sent to us to pay for your order. When we receive your order and payment, your order is shipped within 2-3 weeks. When your shipment arrives have some volunteers help sort the products by seller. Each seller then delivers their own orders. How it works click here.

FREE TO DO: Zero cost to get started. We send you everything you need for free!

LONG LASTING: Cookie Dough may be frozen up to 1 year, has a shelf-life of 21 days at room temperature. The product can be thawed and re-frozen. It can remain in the fridge for up 6 months.

Zero trans fat, no preservatives, certified kosher product. May contain traces of nuts.

COOKIE DOUGH IS SOLD BY THE CASE:  They are sold 6  per case . Example 6 of each variety.

COOKIE DOUGH CAN ONLY BE ORDERED BY THE CASE. Cases cannot be broken up.  

You can never have too much cookie dough! Groups often realize they need more after they get their order and many supporters want more especially after they try the cookies!  

Product Information 


  • Our cookie dough may be stored in the refrigerator for 6 months, kept in the freezer for 1 year or at room temperature (66°-77°F) for 21 days.

  • Our product may be thawed and refrozen multiple times without compromising the quality or taste of the product.

  • All product is shipped frozen. Thawing will occur during transit. Your product is safe for consumption even if it arrives fully thawed and is warm, has condensation or is at room temperature. Our cookie dough has been labeled as ‘Shelf-Stable’, which means it may stay at room temperature (66°-77°F) for 21 days. Upon receipt we suggest that you place cookie dough in the refrigerator for 2 hours before opening or baking.


Allergen Statement
Our product is manufactured in the same equipment that manufactures peanut/tree nut and milk products. If you or someone who will consume our products has an allergy to peanuts/tree nuts or milk products, we recommend that you do not eat our cookie dough. 
Cookie dough may contain traces of nuts. Gluten free cookie dough contains soy and tree nuts. 


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