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Q  How does it work?  Please Click Here

Q  How much do we make?

You make $6 for every item sold!​ Imagine the possibilities!

20 sellers sell 10 items each = $1,200!

50 sellers sell 10 items each =$3,000!

100 sellers sell 10 items each = $6,000!

250 sellers sell 10 items each = $15,000!

Q How much do we sell the T-shirts and products for?  

The items in the catalog are already priced and anywhere from $16-$25. You get low wholesale pricing when you place your order. $6 less than the prices in the catalog.   

Q  Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum of 40 items and this includes FREE catalogs, paperwork, shipping and one FREE short sleeve shirt for every 25 sold. It's a great deal!

Q  Does it cost to get started?

Absolutely ZERO cost to you! We send everything you need to run a successful Christian T-Shirt fundraiser for free. However catalog requests of 75 or more there may be a small fee that is fully refunded when the order is placed. 

Q  What if we have a small group?

Our fundraisers work for groups of most any size. The profits are so high that they quickly add up.


Q  How long should my fundraiser last?

We recommend actively selling for several weeks. Allow for your fundraiser to span at least 3 weekends. This time frame helps keep your participants motivated and on track.







Q How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE!

Q. What are the Free Incentives?

One free short sleeve T-shirt for every 25 items sold.

Orders with 150 items or more the leader chooses one item from the catalog for free for their hard work. 

Q  How soon can we get started?

Right away! Please click on Start Now and fill out the registration form. We will ship your materials quickly. While you are waiting begin promoting your fundraiser. 

Q  We want to show our church and school board the catalog can we print it? Yes. Please click on catalog and feel free to print it. If you need us to e-mail it we are happy to. Simply e-mail us  or text us your request. 

How often does a catalog come out?

All catalogs and products are discontinued at the end of each year. A new catalog comes out annually in February and is good until the end of the year. A Fall/Christmas insert is added to it around August filled with long sleeve tees, sweatshirts and winter items. 


Q  What are your hours of operation?

Monday- Thursday 9:00 - 5:00 PST

Fridays 9:00 - 4:00 PST 



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