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Men's Ministry Fundraiser

Here is everything you need to hold a men's ministry dinner. You can raise funds by charging at the door, selling tickets, asking for donations and have a donation jar. This is also great for the fathers day church lunch that the church could provide for free. We suggest having a guest speaker with the meal. Great way to witness, fill the soul and raise funds for your ministry to keep sharing the word.


Everything you need is included to feed and serve 56 people, 8 standard 5-6 foot tables with 8 at each table. We even include the menu recipes! Included will be recipes for the full meal plus drink, choose from vegan, vegetarian or chicken. If you are serving more, double the recipes and purchase extra kits.




Table Settings:

11 tablecloths (4 extra for food, drink, dessert and information tables)

1 - Table skirt (for dessert, drink or information/front table)

60 Dinner plates

60 Dessert plates

60 Dinner napkins

60 Dessert napkins






Menu Recipes: include: (vegan, vegetarian, chicken and gluten free)

Main dish


Fruit salad




18 tent cards (2 per food table - 2 extra)

16 medallions (idea: to hang on canning jars - add tea lights)

4 - 11x17 posters

60 - 2x3.5 cards (to put on plates or pass out)

60 tickets (optional to use, to sell prior to fundraiser)


Optional money makers:

Order T-shirts cost $5 each - Choose your selling price. Suggest from $18-$20.




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