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Leaders please place your order here when you have completed your fundraiser or if you want to purchase items to have in hand to sell.


*All items below are listed at low fundraiser pricing with free shipping.

*There are order piece minimums for each fundraiser below.  

*Fundraisers cannot be mixed (example: ordering some t-shirts and candles.)

*Not all fundraisers can be placed online.  

*Online payment options: Paypal or pay after with a check, money order, e-check, credit/debit card after. Directions given during checkout.


Congratulations on your fundraiser and thank you so much for your order! May God bless your ministry.


ORDER: Kerusso Christian

T-Shirt Fundraiser.


ORDER: Quotes and Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser.


ORDER: Blooming 

Wrap Fundraiser.


ORDER: Kerusso

War Room T-Shirts



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