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Quote Candle Fundraiser

quote candle fundraiser

Meet and exceed your fundraising goal with these easy to sell candles. These candles are beautifully labeled and packaged. Each candles has a different quote and theme. They are highly fragrant and long burning. Lead free wicks and made in the U.S.A. The all natural wax and upscale fragrances create wonderful aromas with an inspirational message. Everyone will want some for their home or office and they make fantastic gifts. Your supporters are sure to be pleased with our candles of unparalleled quality, coming back for more, season after fundraising season!



Choose from White Cotton, Pomegranate, Lavender, Cucumber Melon,

Orange Spice Tea, Cinnamon Apple, Salted Caramel, Baked Apple Pie.



  • 50% PROFIT


Imagine the possibilites:


20 sellers sell 10 candles each=$1,200!


50 sellers sell 10 candles each=$3,000!


100 sellers sell 10 candles each=$6,000!


250 sellers sell 10 candles each=$15,000!


*Many sellers sell a lot more than 10, customers love these candles and they are easy to sell.


This is a pre sell fundraiser. We provide free order forms and brochures for your group to pre sell candles. You collect the money when you make the sale. When your sale is complete you tally all your order forms and place one large order for all the candles sold. There is zero cost to your group. You keep your profits so you can use your much needed money right away. The rest is sent to us to pay for your candle order.


When we receive your order and payment your order is shipped within 2-3 weeks. When your shipment arrives have some volunteers help sort the products by seller. Each seller then delivers their own orders. Any free gifts earned will be shipped separately. How it works click here.


  • 12 ounce candles.

  • 8 different scents.

  • 60 hour burn time.

  • Lead free wicks.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Hand poured.

  • Highly fragrant.

  • All natural wax

  • Decorative lids

  • Candle sells for $14 each.

  • Packaged in gift boxes.

  • Free Color Brochures.

  • No cost to you.


How do I get started? Please CLICK HERE.


How much is shipping? Free shipping.


What if we have a small group? Our fundraisers work for any size group, large or small. With our Christian fundraisers profits add up quickly.


How long should our fundraiser last? We recommend actively selling for 2-3 weeks. Allow for your fundraiser to span at least 2 weekends. This time frame helps keep your participants motivated and on track.

Is there a minimum order? Yes there is a minimum order of 120 candles.

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