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Smencils Fundraiser

Looking for a way to quickly raise money for your group? Our In-Hand Fundraising Ideas could not be easier. Reach your friends and family selling our gourmet scented products in-hand for cash on the spot. Scented pens, pencils, flash drives and animals are selling like crazy!


These are the perfect healthy non-candy fundraisers. Gourmet Scented Smencils, Smens and Smash drives are a novel fundraising idea sure to bring big profits to your school or group fundraiser. They are made from recycled newspapers, environmentally friendly fragrances, and biodegradable erasers. Even the tubes they come in and the plastic buckets are made of recyclable plastic. With gourmet scents that last up to two years, they smell so amazing!






How to order: Simply print out the order form and mail or fax in your payment or shop online below.


How much do we make? 45% Profit.


How much is shipping? Free shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

Printable Forms & Catalog


This is an in-hand fundraiser. First, decide which one of our great in-hand products you wish to sell. Next, order the product. Once the product is delivered and you have it in-hand, you are ready to sell to your supporters. No taking orders for future delivery, no tabulating orders, and no need to worry about delivering the product later.


Sell from a booth, school store, individual classrooms or at any event your group may be having.


  • Sell year round.

  • Very profitable.

  • Set your own pricing.

  • Healthy alternative.

  • Easy & fun to sell.

Products - Shop Online Coming Soon


#2 Scented Pencils

Smart Smencils

#2 Scented Pencils


Glitter Gel

Scented Pens

Metallic Gel

Scented Pens

Smencil Buddies

Scented Pencil Cases


Smens Gourmet

Scented Pens

Smash Drives

Scented Flash Drives

Our goal is to help you reach your goal. To help you raise more money all SHIPPING IS FREE!

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