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Church Fundraisers - School Fundraisers

High Profit Fundraising!   

Start Raising Funds Now!

Reach Your Goal Quickly!

Whether you are church fundraising, school fundraising or raising money for your family, our fundraisers are  great for small or large groups. We make fundraising easy and very profitable. Plus there are no costs to you. Everything you need to run a successful fundraiser is provided free. All products are high quality, praiseworthy and reasonably priced. Products that are faith builders, share the word and that everyone loves

How it works:  Groups make a profit from what they sell. Simply show the free color catalogs to family and friends, take orders and collect payments. Once your fundraiser is done, keep your profits to use right away and the rest is used to place your order with us. When your order arrives, simply sort and have your sellers pass them out. It's that easy! Choose from the many Christian fundraisers below. 





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